About US


     Health is always the number one in life, and other zeros such as career, family, wealth and so on are all after this one, and we are all because of this one, so that every day has the possibility of happiness and happiness. For this mission, Dr.James and his friends from around the world, Dr.Murray, Dr. Wildman, Dr.Gou and so on came to Vancouver, gathered the international cutting-edge scientific research achievements of molecular biology, cell nutrition, sports nutrition and so on to establish Novastown, a life sciences company with the vision of safeguarding the health of the whole life stages with Vancouver as the headquarters and regional health management center around the world .

    Novastown has always been committed to develop the best health products and provide the best possible health management services. From mother to infant and children to teenagers and middle-aged to older, both men and  women, we have more innovation and valuable products and services, in every stage of our life, Novastown is always going with you together, supporting your health, and guaranteeing your health.


Novastown, Innovation makes the best possible.